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March 28, 2010


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Tony Schiano

Scott, amen to that. No company, family, or organization can continually run in deficit spending mode. Sooner or later you have to pay the piper, or become insolvent. I know the US Government is somewhat different in that it can print money, but as we know that is a problem all unto itself; that leads to inflation, devalued currency, and decreased purchasing power. We have seen this devastation in the Latin American. They had to be bailed out by the World Bank and who is one of the largest funders of the World Bank? The US of A. So who is going to bail us out?

The problem is, we have congressman doing the spending, budgeting and taxing, yet they have no real fiscal accountability as do CEO's, family heads, or State Governors. They avoid their accountability at election by “bribing" the voters with entitlement spending. This in turn leads to more taxation, which leads to less disposable income, which leads to less consumer spending, which leads to fewer jobs, which leads to less savings, which leads to less capital investment. We can all see where this spiral is going. Why can't our political leaders see this? This is not just economics 101, it is common sense.

This is a very unhealthy environment. I hope that in the 2010 and 2012 elections that we send a real message to dems and repubs alike: we need and want fiscal responsibility and smaller government. Let’s sort out who really needs assistance and lend a hand up and not a hand out.
Do some people have more money than they need? Yes. Do some people have less money than they need? Yes. How do we fix that problem? Not by taking away from those that have, but by giving opportunities to those that have not. How, small business friendly environment that encourages job creation, medical benefits. Incentives for saving and investment. Support and encouragement for people to solve their own problems so government can get smaller, not larger. This is not about dems or repubs, this is not about rich and poor, this is about a basic philosophy of what the US was founded upon and stands for.

"Nuff Said"

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