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April 05, 2011


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As a public employee I have witnessed firsthand the mediocricy that the union system breeds. Because tenure is, in most situations, the sole factor when determining promotions, it prohibits qualified employees from even applying for open positions.

I also agree with your statements regarding union political contributions. The unions receive dues from their members and use those funds to support democratic political candidates who may not be representative of their members ideology. During the last election, in many instances, AFSCME poured contributions into democratic campaigns in states which were decidedly favoring the Republican candidate.

I enjoy reading your blog. I find it very informative and as an Accounting student I find it very relevent.


Fascinating chart and pretty telling. Unions certainly can breed mediocrity and I think that's more the issue surrounding quality. Overall we have way too many government jobs but there are some areas that I reserve that statement like teaching and law enforcement.

In any case the ratio of government jobs to private sector jobs is moving in the wrong direction and impossible to sustain. If tax money (our debt) covers government salaries then simply match tells you that we can't continue on this path indefinitely. We need more jobs but it has to come from the private sector.

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