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June 07, 2011


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Brad A Morgan

They (our ruling class overlords in Washington) really DO think we are ignorant. They have good reason to think so because their willing accomplices in the legacy media do their bidding by providing cover for them.

However, I am now seeing signs that the legacy media outlets are starting to get off their worship/prayer mats. I suspect they are begining to realize that their "king has no clothes".

Exhibit A is the new book that just came-out from a NYT Business writer that accurately lays the blame for the housing bubble at the feet of Fannie and Freddie and the crony capitalism in Washington.

Arnold Tilden

The big truths here are: 1. The economic crisis was caused by the Bush administration waging an unnecessary war (there were no WMD as the UN inspectors were reporting) and cutting taxes on the wealthy. 2. The Obama administrations stimulus worked. Two examples are Chrysler and GM making cars and hiring workers.

The big lie is that cutting deficits will create jobs. Look at what Corbett has done in PA with his austerity hysteria. The formula is jobs first and then reduce the deficit. History shows that the Democrats know how to do this. The GOP, most recently Bush, know how to take a record surplus and drive us to the brink of economic collapse. We cannot afford to do it again

foreclosure lawyer

I also am dubious on why auto giants got the bailout and the government cut down budget on social services.

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