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May 01, 2011


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Amma Johnson

This is great Scott! I hope more and more people in business will think this way!


I could not agree more. I got into a debate with a current business student the other day about this very topic. They read a book in one of their classes which is written around the principle that a business's sole purpose is to make money. So, in the end if any action your business takes does not eventually lead to a sale it should not be explored. I completely disagree with this principle and so does most successful companies who are not in a "necessary evil" monopolistic industry (ie Cable, Insurance).

It is not as easy to implement as one might think because capitalism teaches the opposite. The hardest questions any business faces is when is enough enough? How much revenue is enough? How many widgets do we actually need? When can we start focusing on quality and not quantity? These are the hard questions one must ask before truly become more than just a company.

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